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Any Pokémon is catchable without the Master Ball, though some-especially Legendaries-are harder than others.

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Q: Can you catch Dialga without the Master Ball?
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Can you catch Dialga without a master ball in Pokemon diamond?

Yes, you can catch Dialga without a Master Ball. Dialga can be caught with any kind of Poké Ball but Dusk Balls and Ultra Balls would be the better options.

How do you catch Dialga on Pokemon?

you must get a master ball then find dialga and throw the ball straight away

How can you get one master ball in Pokemon diamond?

you get a master ball from proffeser rowen to catch Dialga

How do you find dialga on Pokemon diamond?

soon enough youll venture through a dark cave and at the end there is dialga you will have a master ball by then use the master ball to catch dialga

How do you catch Giratina without a master ball?

you cant, you will need a master ball. I wasted mine catching Dialga yes u can use a heal ball i did it b4 im proved by pkmn master

When on Pokemon diamond do you get Dialga?

There is a point in the game where you must battle Dialga. You may catch it at this point, but only if you have a master ball. No other ball can catch it.

How do you catch a Dialga?

Well I caught my dialga with a timer ball so I still had a master ball left to catch girtina so use a quick ball dusk ball or timer ball

How do you catch a Dialga without saving after defeating Cyrus?

Use your Master Ball... But if I were you I'll save the game first then try catch dialga... oops im so stupid i used it on golduck

Can you catch heatran without a master ball?

I don't know excatly but what i do know is that my cousin said that you have to have Palkia,Girintina or DIALGA to catch HEATRAN.

What is an easy way to catch Dialga?

Either weakening its HP or using a Master ball, but i recommend you use a master ball.

How do you catch Dialga in Pokemon platinum easily?

master ball palkia can be caught with net ball

Can you catch dialga by throwing a master ball at when first entering battle?