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Its always too hard to catch. But you can use a Master Ball right away or a Quick Ball. Occasionally, if its weakened, you can throw a lucky Poke ball at it. That's how I got my Dialga!

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Q: What do I do if Giratina is too hard to catch?
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How do you catch spirit form Giratina?

you can't catch a spirit from giratina.

What level is Giratina at when you catch him?

giratina is at lv 70.

How do you catch Giratina in Pokemon deluge?

first you have to battle all the elite four after that you can catch it..............but i don't now where to catch giratina

Do you have to catch giritina to get Dialga and Palkia?

No, only pass the part with Giratina. You don't have to catch it. U can still catch giratina in disortation cave.

Do you have to save those 3 Pokemon in qalatic HQ to catch Giratina?

Yes, you do have to save them in order to catch Giratina.

Where can you catch a wild Giratina on Pokemon lake?

you find it at giratina lake

How do you get Giratina in Pokemon soul sliver?

You can't catch giratina in soul silver, you can only catch him in diamond, pearl, or platinum.

How can i catch Giratina?

throw a pokeball

Can you catch Giratina in Pokemon white?


Pokemon platinum how to catch uxie?

You need to catch Giratina or beat Giratina after that go to Lake Verity. You need HM Surf...

What to do after you catch Giratina in Pokemon paltinum'?

You walk into the portal Giratina leaves behind after capture.

Can you catch Giratina before you catch heatran?

Yes, you can. At least, I could.