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catch/defeat giratina

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Q: How do you get the guards out of lake valor?
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If Lake Valor is in the Valor Lakefront then where is Valor Lake?

In the Valor Lakefront.

Where is commander Saturn at lake valor?

in the cave in lake valor

Where by lake valor to get Giratina in pearl?

Its not lake valor, its the spring path

In Pokemon platinum where is lake Valor?

Lake Valor is the big lake above Pastoria city.

How do you get to the lake valor in Pokemon sapphire?

to my knowledge, you cannot access lake valor in Pokemon Sapphire

What do you do after professor Rowan tells you go to lake valor Pokemon platinum?

Go to lake valor...

Valor lakefront key?

there is no key for valor lake front

How do you make lake valor full of water in diamond?

when you start the game go to lake valor and there is water

Where to find team galactic in lake valor?

Team Galactic will be in Lake Valor after you win the Canalave City Gym Badge.

What do you do in valor cavern in Pokemon diamond?

dont you mean lake valor and lake valor is either near your home its near snowpoint city or its near that safari zone city

What legendary pokemon is in lake valor?

The legendary Pokemon available in Lake Valor is Azelf one of the Legendary Lake trio. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

Where is lake valor?

by pastoria city