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Yes, you can catch Dialga without a Master Ball. Dialga can be caught with any kind of Poké Ball but Dusk Balls and Ultra Balls would be the better options.

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Q: Can you catch Dialga without a master ball in Pokemon diamond?
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How can you get one master ball in Pokemon diamond?

you get a master ball from proffeser rowen to catch Dialga

What is the easiest legendary Pokemon on diamond?

dialga bring about fifty or more pokeballs weaken it till it's hp is yellow/red but DON'T DEFEAT IT!!!!, p.s you find dialga at spear piller when you defeat Cyrus, trainer's note. you can only catch dialga on diamond. you can only catch palkia on pearl. you can catch dialga palkia/AND GARITINA!, i have platinum and caught all of then so i know post a question about how to get garitina on Pokemon DIAMOND! Actually in Diamond and Pearl u just need the Master Ball that Cyrus Gave you beforehand!

Can you catch dialga with out hurting him in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes, you can, just like any other catchable Pokemon.Though the catch rate is reduced, it is completely possible to catch Dialga without lower its health. It is recommended to use a Quick Ball on first turn to improve your chances. Of course, the Master Ball can be used to catch Dialga at full health too.

Can you catch Darkrai with a master ball in diamond?

Of course, a Master Ball catches any Pokemon without fail, Legendary or not.

On Pokemon how do you bring back water to lake valor in Pokemon diamond so that the Pokemon azlef comes?

You go to the Spear Pillar in the top of mount. Coronet and either catch or defeat Dialga in diamond and palkia in pearl then when you go back the water will be back PS. I suggest you catch Dialga/Palkia Maybe use a master ballwell 2 be honest i don't really know but it could be outside the place u catch girintina

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How can you get one master ball in Pokemon diamond?

you get a master ball from proffeser rowen to catch Dialga

How do you find dialga on Pokemon diamond?

soon enough youll venture through a dark cave and at the end there is dialga you will have a master ball by then use the master ball to catch dialga

On pokermon diamond were do you get master balls from?

you can only get 1 master ball in Pokemon diamond ,at spear pillar right before you fight dialga

How do you get a legendary Pokemon on diamond any one?

i have a dialga that i used a master ball to capture.............

When on Pokemon diamond do you get Dialga?

There is a point in the game where you must battle Dialga. You may catch it at this point, but only if you have a master ball. No other ball can catch it.

What moves do 150 damage on Pokemon Diamond?

well the only move I know that does 150 damage is probaly Roar Of Time, if you have Pokemon diamond, Dialga has the move Roar Of Time once you catch him using you're master ball. The only move I know that does 150 damage is probaly Roar Of Time, in Pokemon diamond when you catch Dialga using you're master ball, Dialga should know Roar Of Time.

Can you get more master ball in Pokemon Diamond?

No u can only have 1 master ball in Pokemon diamond. it is almost completely only made for dialga. but you can as well use it for mesprit or cresselia. they r not sold in pokemmarts.

What are the legendary Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Diamond?

Dialga, Palkia, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos. and you can get giratina and darkrai im proved by Pokemon master

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon diamond ds?

After you have seven badges, go to mount coronet to foil team galactic then, you can verse dialga to catch it. P.S:Save the Master Ball as you will need it for another legendary

What moves can Dialga learn in Pokemon diamond?

you can look on this Pokemon site: scroll down, and you see: there are dialga's moves. good luck

How do you get master balls without using action replay?

Before you find Dialga in Diamond or Palkia in Pearl or giratina in platinum, Cyrus will give you a master ball. I'm assuming this is so you can catch Palkia, Dialga, or Giratina.

How do you get to Dialga on Pokemon on diamond?

In case you should have a master ball with you because its a legendary pokemon. to get to dialga go to mt coronet. then go all the way to the top of mt coronet. at the top you are in the spear pillar. head straight and you will see dialga. dialga will scream on you into battle. in battle dont kill dialga use your master you have and to capture dialga. Have fun.