The best pokeball to get Zapdos?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The master ball but i would suggest not using it on zapdos.

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Q: The best pokeball to get Zapdos?
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What is the best pokeball to catch Zapdos with in soul silver?

Have a Fast Ball with you. This ball should catch at first time. If not, stack up on Ultras.

What is the best Pokeball to catch a Zapdos?

If you have a Master Ball, and you aren't saving it, then use that. Otherwise, an Ultra Ball works well. Any other ball would work. I caught one with a regular Pokeball. Use the most powerful one you have.

What pokeball besides a masterball is best for catching a Zapdos?

Ultra ball :] the thing i do is, fist when you see Zapdos, save the game. so, if you don't catch it, you can just turn the power off and try again. but, catching the legendary Pokemon takes foreva, but you have to be patient. hope this helped :]

The best pokeball?

The best pokeball is a Master Ball which never fails.

What is the best pokeball to catch suicine with?

the best pokeball to catch suicune with is a great ball

Which pokeball is best for catching metang?

Just be paitent and catch it with a pokeball!

What is the best pokeball?

he's right but if ou have emerald you need a masterball for kyogre

What is the best legendary bird?

zapdos is the best

Cheats to catching zapodos in Pokemon leaf green?

i don't know any cheats, but i can give u some tips.: 1) whittle zapdos's HP down to the red zone.(duh) 2) give zapdos a special condition.(psn, par, slp,etc.) 3) right after u throw the pokeball(ultra ball is best), press B and select at the same time until u either catch zapdos or it escapes.

What pokeball do you use to catch moltres?

Any pokeball will work but an ultra ball is probably best.

What pokeball works best on cobelion?

A masterball :)

What is the best pokeball to catch Articuno?