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Q: What is the best pokeball to catch Articuno?
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What is the best pokeball to catch suicine with?

the best pokeball to catch suicune with is a great ball

Why do i keep missing Articuno with a pokeball in Pokemon Yellow?

Legendary Bird. Lucky catch. Try sleep

What Pokemon ball should you use in heartgold to catch Articuno?

Ultraball, Duskball, and Masterball are your best choices. But sometimes, if the HP is low enough, it can be caught with a simple Pokeball even.

Which pokeball is best for catching metang?

Just be paitent and catch it with a pokeball!

In Pokemon firered how do you catch Articuno easier without using a masterball?

when you find that Pokemon if you have a master ball with you use a pokeball and you will capture it

What pokeball do you use to catch moltres?

Any pokeball will work but an ultra ball is probably best.

Are dive ball can catch Articuno in Pokemon Soulsilver?

I have Articuno I found that dusk balls are the best I caught it with it!

Which pokeball is the best to catch monferno?

you can't catch monferno wild you have to evolve it from a chimchar

What is the best pokeball to catch rigice in?

you use a timer ball

What pokeball best to catch kryogre?

a netball or a ultra ball

What is the best pokeball to catch registeel?

The best pokeball to catch registeel is a repeat ball if you have owned a registeel before trust me it will work wonders for you i caught registeel with a repeat ball without even weakning it.

What is the best pokeball to catch Mesprit with in diamond version?

A Master Ball