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Just be paitent and catch it with a pokeball!

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Q: Which pokeball is best for catching metang?
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What pokeball is best for catching Palkia in platinum?

A master or ultra ball is good.

Which pokeball is best for catching Kyuren?

Dusk ball. (3.5 catch rate)

In Pokemon Crystal what ball is the best to use for catching the Red Gyarados?

a hello kitty pokeball

Where do you catch a metang in emerald?

you cannot! only beldum. after beating stewen go to his haus. take pokeball.

What pokeball is best for catching Celebi?

When catching Celebi, you should have a cherish ball. Throw it and it will be an instant catch. (DO NOT USE A MASTER BALL OR ANY OTHER BALL.)

How do you get metang in pokemon emerald?

After defeating the Elite 4, go back to Mosedeep City and go into Steven's house. There will be a Pokeball on his table containing the Pokemon Beldum. Beldum evolves into a Metang at level 20.

How do you stop catching Magikarps?

dont throw a pokeball at it!

Where do you find Metang in Pokemon Emerald?

Metang evolves into Metagross at level 45.

What pokeball is best for catching Mantine?

Depending on what level it is you may need a ultra ball the easiest way to catch it is by using a net ball.

The best pokeball?

The best pokeball is a Master Ball which never fails.

How do you get the Pokemon Metagross in Pokemon Ruby?

You must defeat the Elite Four and Steven first. Once you've done this, fly to Mosdeep City, then go into the house towards the north-west of the city that has no people in it. There should be a Pokeball there and a note from Steven saying that he left the Pokemon inside for you, which is a level 5 Beldum. At level 20 it evolves into Metang, and then at level 45 Metang evolves into Metagross. After beating the Elite Four, head to Steven's house in Mossdeep. In there, take the pokeball. The Pokeball will give you Beldum, which you will have to level up to Metagross

What is the best way to catch legendaries on Pokemon platinum?

the best way to GET legendaries is by action replay. and the best way to CATCH legendaries is lowering there hp and catching them. or choosing the right pokeball:masterball,ultaball,repeatball,greatball,and pokeball.