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When catching Celebi, you should have a cherish ball. Throw it and it will be an instant catch. (DO NOT USE A MASTER BALL OR ANY OTHER BALL.)

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Q: What pokeball is best for catching Celebi?
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Which pokeball is best for catching metang?

Just be paitent and catch it with a pokeball!

Which pokeball do you need to catch Celebi?

You can use any pokeball, as long as you make him lose lots of live and if you want to have a larger chance of catching him, make him stunt, poisoned, burned, asleep or frozen can also press B rapidly, which will also increase your changes of catching him.

What is a gs Pokemon ball?

The gs pokeball is a pokeball only for celebi but I don't no how to get it

What pokeball is best for catching Palkia in platinum?

A master or ultra ball is good.

Which pokeball is best for catching Kyuren?

Dusk ball. (3.5 catch rate)

In Pokemon Crystal what ball is the best to use for catching the Red Gyarados?

a hello kitty pokeball

What pokeball do you need to get Celebi?

not, you can only get celebi with wifi events or hacks. not to be confused with the gs ball in the gbc versions.

What is the special pokeball that you have use to make Celebi?

The only way to get Celebi is by Nintendo Events. That Is The Only Way Without Trading.

How do you stop catching Magikarps?

dont throw a pokeball at it!

What pokeball do you use to catch Articuno?

Master ball is usually the best ball for catching legendary Pokemon ( because it never fails, ) but this answer usually doesn't matter. if you don't have a master ball, go with your instinct's. the second best pokeball for catching legendary Pokemon would be the ultra ball.

What kind of pokeball do you need to put in the forest to catch Celebi?

GS ball

What pokeball do you need to bring Celebi to you?

Im pretty sure its a GS ball

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