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While in the old Japanese Crystal version, you could obtain a GS ball for Celebi's shrine, they've yet to release any way in the newer versions to obtain a Celebi

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Q: What pokeball do you need to put in the shrine to catch Celebi?
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What kind of pokeball do you need to put in the forest to catch Celebi?

GS ball

What is the special pokeball apricot in HeartGold?

You need to find an apricot and take it to the guy who can make pokeballs and you will get the apricot pokeball which will help you to catch celebi

What color apricot do you need to give Kurt to get the special pokeball to catch celebi in heartgold?

premier ball at night or pokeball in the morning and in the afternoon masterball

What pokeball do you need to catch Celebi?

You don't need a specific Pokeball. Try Dusk balls (If it is at night), Quick Balls (Very early in battle), Timer Balls (Late in battles), and Ultra balls after you have weakened it. Master balls could also catch it.

How do you catch Celebi in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You need the Spikey Eared Pichu from an event. You then need to take it to the Ilex forest shrine, Celebi will then appear and transport you to the past where there is a short story to follow.However, I'm not sure if you can catch Celebi at the end of this.You might want to try the Global Trade Station

What kind of apercot do you need for Kurt to make the special pokeball that you put on the celebi shrine in Pokemon heartgold?

No apricot is used. The GS Ball was distributed through Nintendo Event and is no longer available.

What pokeball do you need to get Celebi?

not, you can only get celebi with wifi events or hacks. not to be confused with the gs ball in the gbc versions.

How do you catch Celebi in heartgold verstion?

You need to trade a gs ball from crystal or gold versions and put it in the forest shrine. As for shiny, your gonna be playing a LONG time.

What pokeball do you need to catch a Abra?

Any pokeball will do it. The trick is to use a move that stops it from running away and then you can catch it!

Which pokeball do you need to catch Celebi?

You can use any pokeball, as long as you make him lose lots of live and if you want to have a larger chance of catching him, make him stunt, poisoned, burned, asleep or frozen can also press B rapidly, which will also increase your changes of catching him.

What Pokemon do you need to catch Zorua?


How do you get that silent kid to transform into zorua in black in the third city?

catch or obtain a celebi. put the celebi in the front of your party then go to castelia city. go on castelia street the go to the building with the big blue screen. talk to the speechless boy. he is zorua and use prefered pokeball to catch him. (you don't need to battle).