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Q: What Pokemon do you need to catch Zorua?
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How do you catch zorua in platinum?

you can't catch a zorua in Pokemon platinum unless you hack.

How do you catch zoura in Pokemon white?

The only way to catch Zorua in Pokemon Black or White is to have it traded by someone else (Zorua can be bred). You may also get it as a future event Pokemon.

When you catch zorua in Pokemon white what level is it?


Do you have to have a Celebi to catch a zorua in Pokemon white?


How do you catch zorua in white?

you dont catch zoura. Zoura is a event pokemon

How do you catch a zorua in Pokemon White?

you cannot catch it. but you can breed zoroark to get it as an egg.

Will Celebi be in Pokemon Black?

you can't catch celebii, but you can transfer your own celebii from one of your previous Pokemon games. You going to need celebii if you want to catch zorua and zoroark...

What level does your Celebi have to be to catch zorua in Pokemon black?

It can be any level.

What moves can zorua learn in Pokemon white?

i didn't hadded celebi with me so i couldn't get zorua but when you get the game of Pokemon black and white go to youtube and find away to catch zorua in castelia city

Where can you catch Illumise at in Pokemon Omega Ruby?

Illumise in Pokemon Omega Ruby can be caught in Zorua at the park.

How do you catch the pokemon genesect without an event in pokemon black?

actually you don't need an event all you need is zorua and evolve it to level 30. zorua can be obtained through a trade of celebi into Pokemon black or white. or trade through Nintendo wfc.

What legendary Pokemon can you catch before the league in Pokemon black?

If you don't have anybody transfer over Pokemon for the Zorua and Zoroark, then none.