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wait about an hour and tap "start search" walk around and shoot a grey cloud theres a 50% chance it will be a pokemon if its a pokemon jam the A button until the bars full/it cries.

P.S it could be a item

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Q: How do you catch Pokemon in dream radar?
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Can you catch tornadus in Pokemon black 2?

Only through the 3DS downloadable game Dream Radar.

Is keldeo in Pokemon dream radar?

No, Keldeo cannot be found in the Pokémon Dream Radar.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon dream radar?

if you get enough dream orbs the proffesor will tell you

What can you catch with a pok'e radar on Pokemon dimond?

i know you can catch a ditto

Is it possible to catch thunderus in Pokemon white 2?

No, Thundurus can only be transfered from the original Black and White or from the Pokémon Dream Radar 3DS app.

How do you catch a Pokemon using radar?

white grass will get you a better Pokemon.

Is Pokemon dream radar compatible with Pokemon ss?

No, the Pokémon Dream Radar is not compatible with Pokémon SoulSilver. The Dream Radar is only compatible with Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2.

What is an augmented reality game for 3DS-?

Pokemon Dream Radar and 3D Pokedex are augmented reality games for the Nintendo 3DS.

Do you have to get landaus from Pokemon dream rider?

No, you don't have to get Landorus from the Dream Radar provided you just want Landorus itself but if you want Landorus in Therian Forme then you do need to get it from the Dream Radar.

What Pokemon can you catch using poke radar and where?

if you mean the map marker you can catch mesprit Pokemon of emotions with it hope this helps

How do you catch a duskull on Pokemon Pearl?

route 224, found with Pokemon radar. AT NIGHT!

Where do Pokemon GO to in Pokemon Black and White 2 after sending them from the Dream Radar?

The Pokemon will go to the PC Box