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if you mean the map marker you can catch mesprit Pokemon of emotions with it

hope this helps

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Q: What Pokemon can you catch using poke radar and where?
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Can you catch Darkrai in Pokemon diamond using the poke radar?

no its only avalible on a pokemon event

Where can you catch loudred in Pokemon Diamond?

At the summit of Mt. Coronet using the poke radar.

What Pokemon can you get with the poke radar?

If you use the Poke Radar you will have a chance of getting a shiny Pokemon. But the actual Pokemon will not USUALLY change by using the Poke Radar.

Where can you catch a sunken in Pokemon pearl?

did you mean sunkern if so you can catch him/her using a poke radar on route 204

How do you catch Smeargle in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can find Smeargle in route 212 using the Poke Radar.

Where do you catch nincada?

route213 using poke radar

Were can you catch the wobufet in Pokemon diamond?

you catch them in all of the lake surroundings using your poke-radar which you get after you beat the elite four hope i helped :)

What Pokemon can you get using the poke radar in Pokemon diamond?

Any Pokemon that are in the area that you are using it.

How can you catch Taillow in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch a Taillow in Pokemon Platinum, but you could catch the later evolution (Swellow) using Poke Radar on Route 213, and then breed it to get a Taillow.

How do you catch a tyrogue in Pokemon pearl and where is he?

you can get him on route 211 with a poke radar

Where can you catch a duskull in Pokemon platinum?

Route 224 Poke Radar

Where do you catch a snorunt in Pokemon diamond?

Route 216 with the Poke Radar