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Basically Nothing, other than showing you either have no life or don't play as much :)

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Q: What are gamerscore on xbox360 used for?
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Xbox360 are there any free games on the marketplace that offer gamerscore Other than dash of Destruction and aegis wing?

Yes Fabel 2

Can you boost gamerscore on Xbox360 wthout Xbox live?

yeh u can using speial software. message me for more details:

Can diffrerent xbox360 account go on more than one xbox360?

Yes you can have multiple accounts and switch between them. Works well if you have two people who want to compete for highest gamerscore. They can be Gold or Silver accounts.

Can you mod xbox360 without transfer cable if so how?

Well you cant really but it is easy to get a transfer cable and i wouldn't mod gamerscore because u can get reset

What are gamerscore points in Halo 3?

Gamerscore points are given when you unlock achievements

Can someone sell you an xbox 360 gamertag with high gamerscore?

Sure. However, it's pretty pointless. There is no value for a high gamerscore. You cannot purchase anything with gamerscore. It's just to show the achievements the person gained from playing their games. It's also not used for online reputations either.

Are XBOX360 Controllers compatible across different countries?

they can be used no any xbox360

What if gamerscore doesnt automatically update from offline to online?

I don't think it does I earned 2000 gamerscore when my Internet was down then when I got xbox live back it stayed at 39000 gamerscore

You have 1000 gamerscore in halo but no katana how come?

you need 49+ achievements and 1000 gamerscore off Halo3

What is the gamerscore for on 360?


What is the highest gamerscore?


How can you manipulate your gamerscore for Halo 3?

The only way you can "manipulate" your gamerscore is by fulfilling the requirements for achievements and thus acquiring them.