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Yes, Goku wins the battle and leaves in time but the people on earth try to wish him back to earth but he decides to train in space as a super sayan than come home with his family. But, Frieza is still alive and with his dad king Cooler to give revenge to son Goku but Goku is still not on earth yet and might come home to the horror on his friends death.

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Q: Does Goku come back to earth after the explosion?
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Does goku come back to life when goten is little?

Well goku meets Goten but Goku was still dead at that point Goku was giving time on earth and Goten and Goku meet each other. The Goku has to leave but in the middle of the majin buu saga the the supreme Kai wishes him back to life to fight majin buu which he wins. (Goku leaves because he is out of time on earth)

Does Goku come back alive?

goku comes back to life many times

Can Goku father come back?

yes! he gets wished back with the dragonballs

How does Goku die after defeating the heart disease?

Cell was about to explode the Earth so Goku teleported him to King Kai, but he decided to stay with Cell so evil people would stop comming to Earth because Goku was strong and making them come to Earth

When does freiza come back?

Do you mean Freeza from Dragon ball Z because it you do he comes back when Goku is about to come back and when future trunks is introduced into the series.

How does goku come back to life the second time?

Wish on namek dragon balls

In dragon ball z how does Goku come back from the dead the second time?

From Cell?

How do you become goku in San Andreas for ps2?

how to be come goku

Will dinoaurs come back to earth?

Sadly, no. Dinosaurs are distinct so they will not come back to earth.

Does goku come back after the heart virus?

Yes. In DBZ episode "Our Hero Awakes" he makes a full recovery.

Who would win in a fight between Goku from Dragon Ball and Aang - the last airbender?

Aang, no question. I have to root for Goku on this one, but it would be a tie on the account that both of them can come back from the dead. I would definitely say that Aang would win in the fight, because he can kick some pretty serious butt when he's in his Avatar State. I don't think Goku would stand a chance. Haha aang can tear sh** up when he is in the avatar state. But ss Goku 4 is too powerful for any anime character ever made! goku can probably beat aang as ss2... ss4 would make aang not want to come back to life!

Why do ghosts come back on earth?

Ghosts come back to earth to visit their house or to do things that they didnt finish. Ghosts probably come back to visit someone that they loved.