Is Yoshi a girl

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some say Yoshi does not have a gender, though the "female" Birdo (who appears in Super Mario Brothers II) has a crush on him or her. But, Birdo is a male who thinks he is female.

Back to the question. The answer to the question is yes and no. Some think Yoshi doesn't have a gender. Wrong. Nintendo says that, I dunno why. Here is the explanation:

The characteristics of a male Yoshi are: for behavior more aggressive, for appearance, There is barely any differences from the female but the do have more spikes. sometimes, they can go all the way down his back. The most apparent characteristic that differs from a female Yoshi is that he can't lay eggs. However, there are a lot of males seen in games despite this fact. That's all really. Sometimes, males would lose their spikes from combat, making them easier to ride.

Here are the characteristics of a female Yoshi: Less spikes, ability to lay eggs, calmer too. She has a motherly mind, meaning, when she finds a lost baby or creature, she will take care if it until the parents are found. If you played Yoshi's island, That is a great example of what was explained above. Not make males look bad though but, they would attack baby Mario for coming into his territory or space.

It is unknown how the female Yoshi egg became so popular but probably she uses it to defend herself from predators that may hurt her or her baby. That explains why the female Yoshi throws eggs. Yes, she lays eggs. No, she doesn't wear a bow or have big eye lashes. So now you know the difference between a male and female Yoshi!

So, I'd say, Yoshi is a female. The Older ones are males.

But, on a Birdo question, The bright Pink Birdos are male. This is due to their brightness, or, iridescence. Birdos will do this in the wild to attract females. This is normal for him, but it is unusual to us. Remember, if it's different, it doesn't necessarily mean it's untrue. Like Yoshis, Birdos do come in a variety of colors. Males will always be more brighter than females. This is especially true in Mario Strikers, when the birdos were all colored. So, what he does to look attractive is only to meet a girl.

Female Birdos will appear very dull. What do they look like? The most common are an olive green. Very rarely will they have ribbons on their heads. This will only happen in core chipping season, when a male and a female are engaged.

In the case of Birdo and Yoshi. He (Birdo) must have thought that Yoshi was a female birdo. (birdos and yoshis are related, but are NOT the same specie) Dispite this, She (Yoshi) seemed to like for who he was. And I admit, That are one cute couple.

In conclusion, there is a definite gender in each Yoshi and birdo. These details had been overlooked by Nintendo for some time. Out of all, this is the most logical explanation to this predicament.

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Q: Is Yoshi a girl
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