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fo the last time birdo is not a boy she is girl

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2010-02-12 15:15:03
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Q: Does Yoshi know that Birdo is a boy?
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Who is Yoshi's girlfriend?


Is Birdo a girl?

Birdo is a male character in japan. In the US its gender isn't clearly defined, though some would say Birdo is a boy who wants to be a girl, and therefore the first transgender video game character.SECOND ANSWER:I believe that Birdo is a girl because Yoshi isn't gay. In many different Mario games, Yoshi has liked Princess Peach, Daisy, and their baby forms. Mario, for instance, likes the same people and is straight. Even though this proves nothing, Birdo is a female character.THIRD ANSWER:Actually, there is a population of Birdos. Some are male, some are female. The Birdo in the games are female.FOURTH ANSWER: My friend has persauded me to believe that it is a boy, though I believe it is a girl because Yoshi seems attracted to it.FIFTH ANSWER: To fourth and second answer, Yoshi is a girl.And no, Birdo in the game is not a girl. If you read the pamphlets, it refers to Birdo as a he.SIXTH ANSWER:Yoshi is not gay birdo is a girl sheesh.seventh Answer: there are more then one birdo theres blue,red,green,yellow,and pink and many more not all are the some gender the third answer sould have been the true answer the first birdo that was here was a boy the one that is around now is a girl. as for Yoshi its the some thing Yoshi is a boy in the games but there are girls also it coulod be a big maybe if Yoshi is gay or not but because of the sterio type out there its highly unlikey (even if its true) bottem line is that the main Yoshi is a boy and the main birdo is a girl.eighth answer: The question is debatable, on Mario party 7, she sounds like a guy, saying her name in a deep voice: Birdo. Also, in spanish and such, o means boy and a means girl. Birda would be a girl name. Birdo would be a boy name.NINTH ANSWER: Birdo is a boy, Yoshi is a girl.TENTH ANSWER: BIRDO IS A GIRL!!!!!!go to Google images and look at them and SHE has eyelashes and purple eyeshadow!!! she kisses Yoshi and HE goes red so SHE IS A GIRL!!!BY CARMEN HARRIS(:Eleventh answer: In Japan, Birdo is a male. In America and Europe, it's debatable. I believe the Japanese version is much more accurate (since Nintendo is Japanese), so Birdo is definitively a male. As for the fact that Yoshi is attracted to him/her being a proof that Birdo is a female, look up the definitions of "homosexual", "bisexual" and "pansexual" in the dictionary. And there ARE different Birdos, that's true, but when you see only one as a individual character, it's always the same one (just like Yoshi, actually). So in my opinion, Yoshi and Birdo ARE a gay couple. That's just how awesome and random Nintendo is.TWELFTH ANSWER: The people from Nintendo of America have tried to downplay the transgender angle. They're too timid to make a final decision on what the sexually confused dinosaur really is, but in Japan at least, we know Birdo is definitely a guy. The Japanese website for Super Mario Kart Double Dash describes Birdo thusly: "It appears to be Yoshi's girlfriend, but is actually his boyfriend!? He participates in the race with eggs."

How old is Yoshi from the Mario games?

Yoshi is 10 years old i know hi is because it was his 10th birthday and Yoshis friend, Birdo is 11

How old is birdo?

She is 2 years younger than Yoshi.

Does Yoshi and Birdo have kids?

Yes, because in certain games you can see pink Yoshi eggs...question solved.

Related questions

Is birdo gay?

no she likes Yoshi and Yoshi is a boy

Do Yoshi and birdo ever kiss?

You do know that Birdo is a guy right?

Who is birdo and toadette?

Toadette is pink and has mushrooms for hair she wears a dress and is toad`s sister Birdo was born a boy and changed to a girl. She now goes out with Yoshi.We should feel sorry for Yoshi. Shouldn't Yoshi know about Birdo's past?

Does Yoshi like birdo?

Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't. You will never know the truth. You will have to use your imagination.

Is birdo a male or female?

Birdo's gender has been switched from male to female over the years, but I think Birdo is better of as a female because she has a relationship with Yoshi. But, if Birdo is actually a boy, then both he and Yoshi are considered gay. But, I truly believe Birdo's a girl.

How are Yoshi and Birdo related?

well i think Yoshi is a boy and birdo is a girl i don't think they are related because because i asked on Nintendo and they said : no they are not related

What animal is birdo?

Birdo is like Yoshi and probably the girl version of Yoshi.

Is Birdo Yoshi's sister or are they lovers?

Birdo isn't related to Yoshi in any way.

Who does birdo from Mario have a crush on?

Birdo loves Yoshi

Who does Yoshi date?

Birdo/Girl Yoshi

Are Birdo and Yoshi siblings or lovers?

Birdo and Yoshi are neither family-related nor lovers.

Is birdo a boy?

Yes! Birdo is a masculine figure of manly and non-feminine handsomeness. She-Ahem, He is quite a man. Yoshi is a weirdo to not know this. Birdo represents our muscular leadership of all mankind,and he's the man! If you see a picture of Birdo kissing Yoshi... this is very awkward. Actually, it's completely normal and straight.* *Note: Good children should not believe me.

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