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You go to Jenna and she teaches you to jump you used to have to be Star Rider but not any more

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you go on star stable and do something.

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go to the dressing

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press moss

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Q: How do you get the jump quest on star stable?
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How do you make your horse jump on star stable?

You must first bring copies of the documents to the deeds to town hall which you will eventually do as a quest, if you buy a membership, continue from there and when you get to a quest about the 6th or 7th line you will see a guy with longish hair he will teach you to jump

When is star stable being released?

its already released go to and become a member today you are able to have six horses in your stable! when you become a member you should be a star rider so that you can jump if your not a star rider you can not learn to jump please join today

Do you have to be at a certain level to teach your horse to jump on star stable?

No. Only members can jump. If you are a member, then yes, you must advance to a certain level. But if you are non-member, it does not matter. You will never be allowed to jump unless you become a member.

When was Star Quest created?

Star Quest was created in 1968.

How many pages does Star Quest have?

Star Quest has 127 pages.

What is the code for game-star quest codes?

game-star quest codes

When was Star Circle Quest created?

Star Circle Quest was created in 2004.

What is the duration of Star Circle Quest?

The duration of Star Circle Quest is -3600.0 seconds.

Where is the mystic plaza in monkey quest?


Are there any 3D multiplayer animal games?

feralheart (lions,tigers,wolves etc) wolf quest horse isle 2 star stable online horse adventures (new)

How do you get star coins in star stable?

In order to get star coins in the game Star Stable, you will need to purchase the star coins. They are much like the games form of currency. You can purchase them via PayPal.

Does star stable hack your MasterCard?

No. It is not possible for stable to hack your masterCard.