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There is WolfQuest.

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Q: Are there any 3D games like star stable?
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Are there any games like star stable?

horse land,bella sara

Are there any good 3D Horse riding games where you can ride with other players?

star stable

How do you get the jump quest on star stable?

You go to Jenna and she teaches you to jump you used to have to be Star Rider but not any more

Is there any games for kids age 12 like small worlds?

Yes there is like star doll or habo or yabo or movie star

Is he any other games like video star for laptop?

Dont think so.

How do you define a star in astronomy?

A star is any hydrostatically stable plasma that generates heat and electromagnetic radiation by nuclear fusion.

Are there any virtual worlds like wizard101?

Yes, try games like runescape, star wars galaxy, world of warcraft, and star wars the old republic

How can you turn invisible on star stable?

i don'tthink you can any more because i think they banned it

Are there any 3D multiplayer animal games?

feralheart (lions,tigers,wolves etc) wolf quest horse isle 2 star stable online horse adventures (new)

Are there any virtual games like movie star planet?

imvu and I'm going to say Club Penguin

Are there any games for ps2 that arent violent but are just like or as good as Star Wars Battlefront?

Yes there are lots of them.

Are there any phantasy star games for the PS3?

There are a number of games for the PS2 and PSP, but could not identify any PS3 games