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Wish on namek dragon balls

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Q: How does goku come back to life the second time?
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Does Goku come back alive?

goku comes back to life many times

Does goku come back to life when goten is little?

Well goku meets Goten but Goku was still dead at that point Goku was giving time on earth and Goten and Goku meet each other. The Goku has to leave but in the middle of the majin buu saga the the supreme Kai wishes him back to life to fight majin buu which he wins. (Goku leaves because he is out of time on earth)

How do you get goku back?

Easy just bring him to life with the dragon balls, Second time Namek dragon balls!

Why didnt goku father never come back to life?

He didn't come back to life because in the beginning of the dragon ball series, goku lost his memory because he fell out of a basket his grandfather was holding with him inside. Because he lost his memory, he forgot all about his home planet Vegeta and that also caused him to forget his father, Bardock. He didn't remember his father so that is why he didn't come back to life.

Is ssj Raditz is real?

yes goku use the dragon ball to bring raditz back to life In wich episode did goku do that then?

How does Goku fight as an angel on dbz?

He was such a good person when he was alive, that he's granted one day to come back to life and fight in the World Marshall Arts Tournament.

In what episode is Raditz brought back to life?

None he gets killed by piccolo and goku

Does baby come back to life on dragon ball gt?

yes goku trunks and pan do a ki blast to kill baby but baby steals dr muu's body

How does Groudon come back to life?

It will not come back to life.

Does the mayor come back to life after he dies in drawn to life?

no he does not come back to life on drawn to life but he does come back on drawn to life the next chapter.

Can the dead come back to life?

No. It is impossible for anything to come back to life.

Is your ex boyfriend come back again your llife?

first of spelled life wrong. second, if you change who you are and really prove to him that your the one who got away...he might come back.