Does gohan come back to life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gohan did be brought back to life

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Q: Does gohan come back to life?
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What episode does vageta come back to life after battling freiza?

Episode 85 - Gohan Returns

When does gohan come back from Kai's planet to the lookout?

episode 286-Spirit Bomb Triumphant

Does piccolo come back to life in dragon ball gt?

Yes he does. One of the Sayins try to kill Gohan and Piccolo runs in front of him to protect him. Unfortunately the blast was too strong and it killed Piccolo. Also, Yamtcha, Chiotsu, and Tien are killed.

How does Groudon come back to life?

It will not come back to life.

Does the mayor come back to life after he dies in drawn to life?

no he does not come back to life on drawn to life but he does come back on drawn to life the next chapter.

When did Videl begin liking Gohan?

Well in the tournament Gohan saved her life and she keeped this as a secret.

How old is gohan when future trunks come to the past?

Gohan is 7 when Trunks first appears in DBZ.

Is videl great saiyaman 2?

Yes after Videl know Gohan is the great saiyaman and after Gohan and Videl defeat Frieza(some how come back to revenge Goku)Gohan let Videl become the great saiyaman(maybe after the MajinBuu saga)

Can the dead come back to life?

No. It is impossible for anything to come back to life.

Is it possible to come back to life?

well you can come back to life but as an animal or a baby

Can werewolfes come back to life?

No. Once something dies they can never come back to life.

If Jesus did not come back to life?

Jesus did come back to life, but if he didn't we wouldn't know he was going to come back again to judge us