How does Groudon come back to life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It will not come back to life.

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Q: How does Groudon come back to life?
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If you kill Groudon in emerald will he still come back?


If you kill Groudon in soul silver does he ever come back?

not a chance

How do you get a Groudon on Pokemon Ruby if you did no t the first time?

If you skipped up Groudon, you're screwed, he doesn't come back. Sorry :/

Can Groudon or Kyogre come back if you accidentally KO them?

no. you want start with first.

Where is team magma's hideout's leader?

in the far back of the hide out where groudon is located once you walk over to groudon he'll come he'll battle you, and groudon will awaken then run away. -I hope this helped =]

Does the mayor come back to life after he dies in drawn to life?

no he does not come back to life on drawn to life but he does come back on drawn to life the next chapter.

Can the dead come back to life?

No. It is impossible for anything to come back to life.

Is it possible to come back to life?

well you can come back to life but as an animal or a baby

Can werewolfes come back to life?

No. Once something dies they can never come back to life.

If Jesus did not come back to life?

Jesus did come back to life, but if he didn't we wouldn't know he was going to come back again to judge us

Can you catch Groudon in Pokemon white?

You can'y unless you get Nintendo event or game shark. :)Hope this helped(:

Does gohan come back to life?

Gohan did be brought back to life