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after you have done the bit where you meet ninetales in the game... there will be alot of earthquakes! first alakazam's team goes to defeat groudon but fails! as they don't return... then team rumblerock's golem, team hydro's blastoise and team constrict's octillary, goes to defeat groudon... but after a few days they couldn't even get to him! so they come back as failure's and half dead... then you and your partner volentere to go to save alakazam's team and defeat groudon! then you get access to groudon's dungeon.. then you complete the dungeon and... well... battle groudon! Hope this helped

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Q: How do you battle Groudon in blue mystery dungeon?
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In Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team when can you recruit Groudon?

You may recruit Groudon after the end credits of the game.

Where does Groudon live in pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

magma cavern pit 3floor

Where do you find onix in mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

On some floors of the Magma Chamber, where Groudon awaits.

Can you battle Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Time VS. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?


How many hp does Groudon have in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

I would say from 750-1000 it is loads which kinda sucks. :(

What are the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue and how do you recruit them?

you are able to get groudon later in the game and the flying red and blue dragon, but you have to beat the game

Can you really get Lucario in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue?

No, you can not get Lucario in Mystery Dungeon Blue.

What is the fastest way to get Groudon in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

try to use a water type Pokemon because of typeadvantage

Were is Groudon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon rescue team blue?

He's in Magma Cavern Pit 3F. (Magma cavern is 25 floors.)

Why cant i get Rayquaza to join my team Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

Sometimes it just takes a while. Groudon won't join me.

Are there golden seeds in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

No, only joy seeds are available in Mystery dungeon Blue and Red

How do you get Groudon for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

you have to fight rayquaza then do some rescue missons and fight kyoger and then you unlock his dungeon if you want him on your team i suggest holding a freind bow and being size 1.

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