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Q: If you kill Groudon in emerald will he still come back?
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How does Groudon come back to life?

It will not come back to life.

When you defeat Kyogre and Groudon in Pokemon emerald will they come back a few days later so that you can catch them?

When making Kyogre and Groudon in faint you CANNOT get them back. What's best to do is to SAVE before fighting them, so if you should make them faint just turn off the power and start again.

If you kill Groudon in soul silver does he ever come back?

not a chance

How do you get a Groudon on Pokemon Ruby if you did no t the first time?

If you skipped up Groudon, you're screwed, he doesn't come back. Sorry :/

Can Groudon or Kyogre come back if you accidentally KO them?

no. you want start with first.

What Pokemon do both Groudon and Kyogre come out on?

kyogre but both are pretty good and it depends which Pokemon ur fightin

Where is team magma's hideout's leader?

in the far back of the hide out where groudon is located once you walk over to groudon he'll come he'll battle you, and groudon will awaken then run away. -I hope this helped =]

When does kyogre come to fight Groudon?

In emerald, when you get to Sootopolis (however you spell it) city, where you get your 8th badge, but it's after you find the underground cavern and defeat maxie or archie, i dont remember which, Steven will show up and tell you to meet him in Sootopolis. Then, when you get there, you'll see Kyogre and Groudon in the center of the city fighting. This only happens on Emerald.

When does groudon come out?

Groudon appears in Sapphire:? Ruby: When you get to the cave of origin Emerald: After you beat the elite four, you have to go the the weather center, and talk to a certain man, and he'll either tell you about a drought on a certain route:Groudon or a flood on a certain route:Kyogre. After you catch one of them, go back and he will tell you about the other one. Leaf Green:Never Fire Red:Never

Can you get solrock on pearl with emerald inserted?

Yeah, if your emerald have solrock. But once is in the DS card, it can never come back to your emerald. So switch wisely.

You got past the downpour area in Pokemon emerald will Kyogre come back?


Can you catch Groudon in Pokemon white?

You can'y unless you get Nintendo event or game shark. :)Hope this helped(: