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Vegeta is stronger in the real final battle vegeta passes super saiyan 4 and gos super saiyan 5 (phyco saiyan) and vegeta gets to it by himself but goku nearly kills himself to get to it by absorbing a spirit bomb to get to it and vegeta wins the fight and kills goku and there punches are so strong that they explode planets but when the battle is done vegeta uses the dragon balls 3 wishes 1.brings back all the planets they destroyed and everyone on them 2.bring goku back to life 3.brings back planet vegeta and that's really all vegeta is the strongest

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Q: Who is stronger kid goku or kid vegeta?
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Who is stronger Goku or veteta?

goku is stronger then vegeta

Is Goku stronger than vegeta?

When goku and vegeta first fought goku had to use kaioken x3 to keep up with vegeta but on N amek goku had reached truly great strength most sayians cannot reach and also goku became asuper sayian first and when goku fought majin buu vegeta admits that goku is the best actually he only used it to win not to keep up he wanted to use it to surpass vegeta they were tied in power at first well almost tied

Who is stronger among Vegeta Goku and Gohan?

According to DragonBall Z, it seems that overall, Goku is somewhat stronger than Vegeta and gohan is stronger than vegeta

Who is stronger ss2 goku or majin vegeta?


Who stronger Goku or vegeta?

Vegeta is stronger because vegeta didn't fight people in his limts he fought people greater then his limts

Who is stronger Goku or majin vegeta?

Depend on which version of Goku you're speaking of: Goku SSJ1 vs Majin Vegeta: Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 vs Majin Vegeta: Equal Goku SSJ3 vs Majin Vegeta: Goku Goku SSJ4 vs Majin Vegeta: Goku

Who stronger Goku or king vegeta?

goku of course king vegeta cant goe ssj

Is super saiyan 3 vegeta stronger than goku?

for one there is no such thing as ssj3 vegeta but if he did he will totally be stronger than goku

Why goku jr and vegeta jr can't be in dragonball games?

because kid goku and kid vegeta took there place

Who is stronger Kid buu or vegito?

Vegito of corse as he was made up of the fusion of goku and vegeta and kid buu doesn't stand against goku's spirit bomb.

Who is stronger goku ssj3 or vegeta ssj3?

they are about the same but goku is a tiny bit stronger but not by much

Who is stronger ssj2 gohan or ssj2 vegeta?

well that's tough to answer in my opinion it would be vegeta because vegeta is the exact same lvl as goku and goku is stronger than gohan therefor vegetas stronger