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Depend on which version of Goku you're speaking of:

Goku SSJ1 vs Majin Vegeta: Majin Vegeta

Goku SSJ2 vs Majin Vegeta: Equal

Goku SSJ3 vs Majin Vegeta: Goku

Goku SSJ4 vs Majin Vegeta: Goku

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Q: Who is stronger Goku or majin vegeta?
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Who is stronger ss2 goku or majin vegeta?


Who is stronger majin vegeta or ssj2 Goku?

Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta vs SSJ Goku (Ascended) ended in a draw, therefor one can conclude that an SSJ2 Goku would beat Vegeta.

Who is stronger Gotenks or Majin Vegeta?

majin vegeta if goku and broly and every DBZ fighter was in this question goku will kill everyone

Who is stronger Goku or veteta?

goku is stronger then vegeta

Is vegeta stronger than cell in the majin buu saga?

Well Vegeta never went SS5, the highest we went was SS4. Any level above 4 is "not real" but "IF" he were to go "SS5" he would be a lot stronger than Goku. Goku is just a little bit over Vegeta but there is no way that he is 2 whole levels stronger than Vetega. Example: Goku couldn't beat Vegeta if Goku was in normal form and Vegeta went SS2 and he couldn't beat him if he was Super Saiyan and Vegeta was Majin.

Is Goku stronger than vegeta?

When goku and vegeta first fought goku had to use kaioken x3 to keep up with vegeta but on N amek goku had reached truly great strength most sayians cannot reach and also goku became asuper sayian first and when goku fought majin buu vegeta admits that goku is the best actually he only used it to win not to keep up he wanted to use it to surpass vegeta they were tied in power at first well almost tied

Who would win in a fight majin vegeta or yusuke urameshi?

majin vegeta. he has unlimited powers. he even bet goku

What episode does goku fight majin vegeta?

episode 213

Does Goku and Vegeta get out of Vegeto?

They do. Vegeto makes Super Boo absorb him. Then, Vegeto turns back into Goku and Vegeta for some reason. They go around Boo's body and get their friends back. Then, Vegeta yanks out Majin Boo (yes Majin Boo is a good guy) and Super Boo turns into Kid Boo who is actually stronger than Majin Boo, Evil Boo, and Super Boo.

Who is strong Goku or majin vegeta?

They are both strong, but if you want to know who is stronger, they acutally fought. The fight ended in a draw. A few episodes later, when Vegeta realized Goku could have turned into SSJ3 and beat him down, he got mad at Goku for having held back. So the answer is, Goku was tremendously stronger at the time although he withheld his power to give Vegeta a fair fight.

Why does Goku agree to fight Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

Because Vegeta was under Babdi's spell and told Goku he would kill more innocent people if Goku didn't fight him.

Does Vegeta befriend Goku in DBZ?

Yes; Goku and Vegeta end up in a (loosely speaking) friendship. This is apparent in the Buu/Majin Saga. Most refer to Goku and Vegeta as best friends.