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The mine badge.

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Q: What gym badge do you need to use the skill strength in pokemon pearl?
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How much better is a strength skill cape compared to an obsidian cape in runescape?

They are the same, however the Strength Skill Cape is classed more of status and cheaps the Obsidian Cape, and when you earn you next skill cape, all skill capes will be Trimmed giving you a +4 Prayer Bonus, this is something Obsidian Cape doesn't have.

Where is the pokeathon?

The pokeathlons are held in the pokeathlon dome. The pokeathlon dome is on Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver only, at the national park. For Pokemon diamond ,pearl and platinum only, there is the contest hall in Hearthome city, where they hold Pokemon contests, where winners are awarded with a ribbon (normal rank), balloon (super rank), accessories (ultra rank) and I'm not sure about master rank. The colour or type of rank prize, differs depending on which category of contest you won under (smart=green;tough=yellow;cute=pink;beuty=blue;cool=red).A pokeathlon's prize is a badge, that has the design of pokeathlon course you won under, (speed, jump, power,skill, or stamina).

Where do you remove TMHM skill in Pokemon silver?

I believe, the guy is in Blackthorn city? I'm not quite sure.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1 how to walk through walls?

Become a goast pokemon, use a mobile orb or get the IQ skill super mobile. You can also use a mobile scarf.

How do you stop slakoth from loathing around in Pokemon emerald?

You can't; its ability Truant causes it to stop attacking every other turn. However, if you are Double Battling then you can have a pokemon use skill swap on slakoth/slaking to switch its ability with the other pokemon.

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Which Pokemon has strength in Pokemon Blue?

This skill has to be taught to your Pokemon using a TM that you get as a reward on your journey

How do you get 'skill' in Pokemon pearl?

Stay indoors, have no friends and waste every day playing until your hands bleed

How do you beat the Pokemon lead?

well it is mostly the skill and strength of your Pokemon and you should take alot of full restores with you because they do lots of damage to your Pokemon. good luck

What Pokemon are needed to beat all the rooms in the battle tower in Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a certain set of Pokemon you must have. its what you choose that helps you. You need skill and a little Luck.

What is act of skill strength or courage?

acts of skill strength or courage

In Pokemon soul silver What is the best Pokemon for skill?

There is no "best" Pokemon for skill. The pokeathelon stats vary for each individual Pokemon. Feed it the Skill April juice and that will boost the skill stat

What was the 5 tests of strength and skill in the ancient Olympics?

the answer to your question is Pentathlon that is the name of the 5 test of strength and skill.

What language is The Karate Kid in?

The bullied boy showed strength and skill.

Is the CAB a skill badge?

Yes, in the same sense that a CIB or CMB is.

Do you sew 9-level maintenance badge as soon as you sew on master sergeant?

10.4.3. Enlisted. Wear the basic badge after completing technical school. Wear the senior badge after award of the 7-skill level, and the master badge as a master sergeant or above with 5 years in the specialty from award of the 7-skill level.

What was Hercules special skill?

Hercules was more celebrated for strength, than for skill.

Why is throwing a good skill to have in dodgeball?

It is a good skill because if you play football it will help you with aim, and strength because you need strength to get someone out