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My son's DSi did not have this and I downloaded for him from the free DSI Ware site. My daughter's DSi, purchased on the same date in the same Target seems to have the FlipNotes pre-installed....strange....

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Q: Does Flipnote Studio come pre-installed on the Nintendo DSi?
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Does the Nintendo DSi come predownloaded with flipnote studio?

i think so it should

What if your dsixl does not come with flipnote studio?

take it back. all dsixl's should come with flipnote studio. that u can do or you can just download off the Nintendo shop on the ds it is free so no biggy

How many flipnotes does flipnote studio come with?

It comes with 6 flipnotes, 5 are created by Nintendo and 1 is created by Benny@ASH

Where can you download flipnote studio on dsi on sd card?

Its in my vagina! Come get it! ;)

When does flipnote memo come out?

Nintendo has not announced anything about Flipnote Memo other than its existence. There is currently no word on when it will be available in any region.

Does flipnote studio come out for 3ds on May 2012?

probably not, but there will be a successor of it called flipnote memo. The only thing i know about it is that animations or memos will be easier to share.

Can you download flipnote studio to a ds lite?

No, you can only download flipnote studio if you have a DSi, or a DSi XL. This is because the DS Lite does not come with a store to shop online, and does not have the interface to store apps.I hope i have been of help:)

When will flipnote memo come out?

Nobody really knows. We know it will come but Nintendo said pretty much nothing about it. So yeah, we don't know.

When is flipnote studio coming out in the UK?

i heard it could come out July 31 or September 30 or 15.i could be wrong but that's all i found out

Can you send flipnote studio flipnotes too flipnote memo?

As of 12/29/11, this has not been confirmed. Flipnote Memo has not come out yet, but here are some rumors. Some say they are not making Memo, and that they are making something else. THIS IS FALSE. I e-mailed Nintendo and they said they were working on it and that they would release it ASAP. But they do not know the specific date. Some say it is coming out on 12/31/11, but my guess is some time in early to mid 2012. :) Until then, let's hope for more colors, sending original notes, and 3D!

What are the programs called that come preinstalled on a new computer that aren't nesessary to the operation of the computer?

preinstalled software

Flip note Studio come out for the Nintendo DSi?

It is out now. Check your DSi shop and it is free!