Where does the Wii come from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Wii came from Nintendo, just like Nintendo DS's or Nintendo DSi's.

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Q: Where does the Wii come from?
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When will minecraft come out for Wii?

It will never come out for Wii.

Does the will u come with the will?

The wii-u console does not come with the wii console but you can play wii games on the wii-u

Does Lego Batman come for the Wii?

Yes it does come for the Wii.

Dose a used Wii come with Wii sports?

Yes, all Wii's used or not used... come with wii sports

Do Wii Points come with the Wii?


Will a Yoshi's island come out on Wii?

probably so it may come out on the wii 2 or wii u

Can you get black ops 2 for Wii?

It will come out for the Wii U not the Wii.

What was the first game to come out for Wii after Wii Sports?

Wii play

When will Mario cart Wii come out?

Mario cart on wii will come out the24 of April

Does Wii come with a game?

It comes with "wii Sports"

Where did the Wii come from?

The Wii was made first in Japan.

Do Wii point card come with the Wii?