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Q: Does the LAN Adapter come with the Wii?
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Do lan adapter for Nintendo Wii have wifi?


What does the Wii LAN Adapter do?

A Wii LAN adapter is used to connect the console to a hardwired Ethernet connection. This provides a faster and more stable connection that the integrated wireless.

Can the wii lan adapter work for the xbox 360?


Is a Wii LAN adapter the same as an AC adapter?

No, LAN stand for Local Area Network (for accessing the Internet) and AC stands for Alternating current (Power)

Where can you buy a wii LAN adapter?

Any game store like gamestop.

Where can you get a Wii lan adapter?

Target, Walmart, Toys R us, or Best Buy.

How much does Wii lan adapter cost?

maybe 20$ bucks plus tax

Is there a a way to hook up the Wii to the enternet other than wifi?

Buy a LAN Adapter

How do you get the wired WiFi lan adapter to work on your wii so you can hook up your ds?

you cant

How do you use lan on Kirby air ride?

Attach a gamecube broadband adapter to the back of the Gamecube (you can do the same for the Wii) and choose Lan and follow instructions from there.

Nintendo Wii accessories?

So far there are loads of accessories that are for the wii system. There is the wii motion plus, wii balance board, wii zapper, wii tennis racket, wii baseball bat, wii lan adapter.

Does a phone jack connect to a Wii Lan adapter?

No, only to a broadband connection (one of those Internet boxes).