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Wii comes with the nunchuck.

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Q: Does wii play come with a nunchuck or do you have to purchase that separately?
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When i put my wii nunchuck into the wii remote when i play a game that requires a nunchuck it always says that i dont have it connected to the remote but i do how do i fix this?

Disconnect the nunchuck then reconnect it.

Can you play Wii sport games with a remote and a nunchuck?

The only game you can play on Wii sports with a nunchuck is boxing. Apart from boxing training 12&3 no sorry. =]

What do you play conduit 2 with?

ccp or wii mote and nunchuck

Do you have to have a gun to play CoD5 on Wii?

nope just a wiimote and a nunchuck

Do you need to have the Nunchuck to play Mario and Sonic Winter Olympic Games on Wii?


Why can't you punch in wii sports boxing?

You can, you just need a NunChuck to play that game.

Do you need the nunchuk for star wars the force unleashed?

Yes you do need the nunchuck to play the force unleased

Can you play call of duty modern warfare 3 without a zapper?

Yes, you can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Wii three different ways. Wii Remote & Nunchuck Wii Remote, Nunchuck & Wii Zapper Wii Remote & Classic Controller Pro

What is the order to get everything you need in twilight princess?

first you need a wii then a wii mote and nunchuck then the game and then you play

Do you need to have a nunchuk with each Wii remote to play?

with some games yes. but most the time you don't have to have the nunchuck on.

Do you need a nunchuck to play Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?

Yes if you have a game cube controller then you can use that!

How do you play air drums on guitar hero 5 wii?

You have to go to Mii Freestyle to play Air Drums using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. :D