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Its in my vagina! Come get it! ;)

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Q: Where can you download flipnote studio on dsi on sd card?
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Can you download flipnote studio for the computer?

No because Flipnote Studio is on the DSi, 3DS, and 2DS. One important thing: The Flipnote Hatena website and Flipnote Hatena for Nintendo DSi ended on May 31, 2013.

Can you download flipnote studio to a ds lite?

No, you can only download flipnote studio if you have a DSi, or a DSi XL. This is because the DS Lite does not come with a store to shop online, and does not have the interface to store apps.I hope i have been of help:)

If you delete flipnote hatena off your dsi how do you get your account and flipnotes back on your dsi?

Just go to DSi Shop and then DSi Ware and tap 'Free'. Then go to Flipnote Studio and download it! (It's free.) But you have to have Wi-Fi Connection to go on DSi Shop.

What can you do on a Nintendo Dsi XL?

it has flipnote studio and Nintendo dsi browser and sounds that you can record it has a camera it can do ds download from the wii and pitochat and dsi ware. And it has a bigger screen

How do you download flipnotes on flipnote studio?

Follow these steps. 1 : Have Flipnote Hatena on your DSi, and Computer. 2 : Copy and paste this link to the top text bar on your computer 3 : On the middle right of the screen, there is a "command" 4 : On Flipnote Hatena menu on your DSi, scroll to the bottom of the menu. 5 : Click on command And imput the command from the computer onto your DSi 6 : Download the flipnote 7 : Go to Flipnote Studio on your DSi Thank you. "Don't steal Don't beg Don't give up" (Gizmo 2011) ~The ghost, from Flipnote Hatena.

How do you get flipnote sudio on dsi?

Download at DSi shop

How do you make a cartoon on DSi?

That is so easy, but only if you have Wifi1. Go onto DSi shop2. Click on start shopping3. Click on DSi ware4. Click on Free5. Then click on Flipnote studio then download it6. After downloading go back to DSi menu7. Click on flipnote studio and read the instructionsHappy Cartooning!:) Nick :)

Can you download DSiWare for free?

Yes, but the only DSiWare that is available for free as of now is the Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio.

Can you make a cartoon on the dsi?

yes but you need the app flipnote studio for the dsi

If you format your DSi but have all your files on an SD card will you still get to copy them back onto your DSi?

DSi Applications or DSiWare will not be able to copy back, Flipnote Studio animations will.

Can you get flip-book for DS Lite?

The Flipnote Studio is an application for the DSi or the DSi XL ONLY.

Does DSI have flipnote studio?

Should be pre-installed on system. If not, can be downloaded from Nintendo DSi Shop.