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No, you can only download flipnote studio if you have a DSi, or a DSi XL. This is because the DS Lite does not come with a store to shop online, and does not have the interface to store apps.

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Q: Can you download flipnote studio to a ds lite?
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Is there something like flipnote studio for ds lite?

No, there isn't.

Can you get flip-book for DS Lite?

The Flipnote Studio is an application for the DSi or the DSi XL ONLY.

What if your dsixl does not come with flipnote studio?

take it back. all dsixl's should come with flipnote studio. that u can do or you can just download off the Nintendo shop on the ds it is free so no biggy

What do you get on ds lite to download games on?

You cannot download games to your DS lite.

How do you download games on your ds lite?

You canNOT download games on your Ds Lite, Sorry :*(

How can you download a game to a ds lite?

You can't 'add/download' games to the DS lite.

Can a Nintendo DSi connect with a Nintendo DS or DS Lite?

The DSI has a whole bunch of new features, flipnote studio, sounds, camera (etc.), it has almost everything a DS lite has except for the game boy slot thingy, the dsi doesnt have that. But it has everything else

How do you download Miis on a DS lite?

The Nintendo DS lite does not support and cannot download Miis.

How do you download games onto a Nintendo DS Lite?

You can't download games onto a DS Lite.

What can you do on a Nintendo Dsi XL?

it has flipnote studio and Nintendo dsi browser and sounds that you can record it has a camera it can do ds download from the wii and pitochat and dsi ware. And it has a bigger screen

Can you download games to your ds lite?


Where do download free ds lite game?

You can't download games for DS lite because you need a game cartridge for the console.