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The Nintendo DS lite does not support and cannot download Miis.

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Q: How do you download Miis on a DS lite?
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How do you put wii miis on a ds system?

Systems not transfer miis: DS Lite,DsiXL, and the origanal DS Systems transfer miis:3Ds and the Dsi (The Dsi may transfer miis...)

What do you get on ds lite to download games on?

You cannot download games to your DS lite.

Can you download Miis to Mario Kart DS?

umm no miis are only on the wii Mario kart

How do you download games on your ds lite?

You canNOT download games on your Ds Lite, Sorry :*(

How can you download a game to a ds lite?

You can't 'add/download' games to the DS lite.

How do you download games onto a Nintendo DS Lite?

You can't download games onto a DS Lite.

Can you download games to your ds lite?


Where do download free ds lite game?

You can't download games for DS lite because you need a game cartridge for the console.

Can a Nintendo DSi link with a DS lite?

via pitochat or DS download play but yeah it works just like it would DS lite to DS lite

How does the store download stuff on the Nintendo ds lite?

you can't you need a modded Nintendo ds lite

How do you download music to ds lite?

You can't.

How do you download games to your Nintendo DS lite?

You don't download them on a lite, you'd need at least a DSi.