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easy you don't laugh

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Q: How do you beat dying of laughter in Lego batman?
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How do you get azrael on Lego batman?

beat the game

How do you beat Lego Batman moth?

You have to attract him to the light with the switches on

How do you get catwomen on Lego batman?

beat the villain mission with her and the penguin

How do you beat the scarecrow level on Lego batman the vidiogame?

very carefully...

How do you get flash on Lego Batman 2 for Nintendo 3DS?

You have to beat the game

How do you get snistro in Lego batman 3?

beat the game, buy him with studs or cheat him in.

How do you beat Lego batman?

get a guide or cheat u can get a guide at game stop or on eBay.

Why cant you be a policeman in Lego Batman?

you can make one or beat the first villain level

How do you beat biplane blast in Lego batman?

it depends what side your talking about, put it on my message board

How do you unlock Joker?

You can unlock Joker in Lego Batman 2. To do this, you have to beat the game with Batman and then defeat the Joker with The Flash on the Ace Chemical Building.

How do you unlock plastic man in Lego batman 2?

you got to beat the hole game!! :) Pow Kobam

How do you beat comissioner Gordon Lego batman?

punch him a few times then kill the cops then keep doing that.