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use explosive gel

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Q: How do you beat TITAN in batman arkum city?
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Is there a batman Arkum asylum 2?

Yes, it is called Batman: Arkham City and it is set to be released in the fall of 2011.

How did joker get sick in batman ark ham city?


How do you beat batman arkham city?

Easy Play The Game

How do you get the titan containers for bane in batman arkham city the game?

You don't 'get' them for him, you destroy them using the explosive gel gadget.

How do you beat grundy in batman arkham city?

you use the quickfire explosive gel on the energy beams that are giving him power

Can you get multiplayer on Batman arkham city?

No, Multilayer is not available on Batman Arkham City.

What the next batman game after arkham city?

The next batman arkham game after Batman: Arkham City is Batman: Arkham Origins.

Which game is better assassins creed or batman arkham city?

Batman Arkham City

What city does Batman protect on Batman The Animated Series?

Gotham City

Was Batman arkham city before or after Batman arkham asylum?

Arkham Asylum came before Arkham City Asylum came out in 2009 City came out in 2011

Who fights crime in Gotham City?

Batman & Robin

Will Kevin conroy quit being Batman in Batman arkham city?

No, he will reprise his voice role for the new Arkham City.