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To use the disruptor in batman Arkham city you will have to upgrade. You can then use gadgets against firearms.

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Q: How do you use the disruptor in batman arkham city?
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Can you excape from Arkham City?

In Batman: Arkham City, you cannot. Try to use more detail when you ask questions, it gets confusing.

Do you get a costume at the end of Batman Arkham City?

no but you are then allowed to use other costumes

How do you use nightwing in batman arkham city?

Nightwing is only usable in the challenge mode levels.

How do you become into robin in batman arkham city?

You can get a code to download him but you can only use him in Challenge maps.

How do you beat grundy in batman arkham city?

you use the quickfire explosive gel on the energy beams that are giving him power

How do you beat batman arkham asylem?

There is no set way to beat batman arkham asylum, but if you use batmans detective mode, it helps guide you through the game.

How much memory does batman arkham asylum the demo use?

Around 2000mb.

How do you turn off the guns out of arkham city?

Select the Disruptor, hold down the right mouse button and place the targeting reticule over an armed thug or sentry gun. Press and hold the left to deactivate the weapon. You have to be fairly close to use it.

How do you find all riddler hostages in batman arkham city?

keep solving riddles until you can use the enigma machine and the next location of the hostage will be revealed

Can you play batman arkham city without a mouse?

Yes, if you use a gamepad. The game supports the XBox 360 controller and I believe it accepts other controllers too.

Can you play batman arkham city skins in story mode?

Yes, actually you can! If you beat the game on normal and after you've completed Catwoman's final mission, you return to the main menu, click continue story and it will let you choose which costume you would like to use to roam Arkham City.

Why is Batman arkham city a 15?

In the USA it is a T for age 13 and older because of Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco, Violence