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it probably means you have a hole in your tube, you should get this checked-out as it will soon run out and cause your engine to over-heat, try not to use your car at all until you can bring it in to a mechanic

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2011-01-15 11:34:18
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Q: Why is coolant leaking from the right front side of your car?
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Just changed your radiator and you have coolant leaking from the left side of your belt?

you didnt but the pipes on right

Why would coolant be leaking from the front driver's side fender of a 1994 GMC Suburban?

Check your radiator hose

What would be leaking on the passangers side near the front right wheel in an 1997 buick skylark?

It could be coolant from the coolant tank or radiator, or if it's clear, it's probably just water condensation from the air conditioner.

Why is your car defrosting on the inside and coolant leaking on the passenger side?

Your heater core is leaking.

Where is the coolant reservoir on 2006 gto?

It is on the right side in front of the air box...

What is the light pink fluid leaking from the front passenger side of your volkswagen beetle?

Pentosin G12 coolant is pink. If it's leaking inside the car, that sounds like a heater core problem. If it's leaking on the ground, the passenger side is where the hoses and water pump are.

Where would coolant be leaking from on the drivers side of a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

you plunem is leaking and is not chep to fix

Why is Coolant leaking on the lower passenger side on my 96 lumina?

most likely heater core leaking

You have water under the carpet front right side on your 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis?

heater core is leaking.

Your 1998 ford windstar leaking coolant from passenger side?

repair the heater hose.

What does it mean when coolant in overflow tank is low and is leaking antifreeze from that side of the car?

The overflow tank is either cracked or its overheating and leaking from the cap

Will engine overheat if intake manifold gasket is bad?

It can if it is leaking coolant into engine or out side of engine.

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