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negative acceleration (deceleration)

this is a very vague question as there are so many factors to consider: are the brakes appled, how much of the brakes are applied, condition of brakes, condition of the tyres, suspension setup, clutch slipping, condition of cv joints, surface the car is traveling on

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Q: What is the acceleration when a car is slowing down?
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A car's acceleration is negative This means the car is?

slowing down

Acceleration by decreasing speed?

No, that is a contradiction.

When a car's velocity is negative and its acceleration is positive what is happening to the car's motion?

The car is slowing down

When a car's velocity is positive and it's acceleration is negative what is happening to the car motion?

The car is slowing down

Why car still accelerates after slowing down?

Acceleration is a change in velocity. Assuming a constant direction, if you're speeding up that is positive acceleration. If you are slowing down, that's negative acceleration. Either way you are accelerating.

What is one example of negative acceleration?

A car slowing down when the brakes are applied.

Does a car have a negative acceleration when it is leaving?

A car has negative acceleration whenever it's slowing down. It doesn't matter what stage of its trip that occurs in.

How can a car slowing down also be accelerating?

In physics, "acceleration" means there is a change of velocity.

When is the term negative acceleration used?

The term negative acceleration is used when something is slowing down from its motion. When pushing the brakes the car will negatively acceleration to slow down .

How do the direction of a car's velocity and acceleration compare when the car is slowing down?

-- Its kinetic energy decreases. -- If the process continues, the car may stop altogether.

What is positive and negative acceleration?

Positive acceleration = speeding up. Negative acceleration = slowing down.

Is a car still accelerating if it's slowing down?

Yes it has negative acceleration, which is acceleration in the opposite direction of travel. It is called deceleration.