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Speedometers work by measuring rotations of the wheels. The more rotations, the faster your going. But they can't measure in reverse.

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Q: Why does a speedometer not work when a car is going in reverse?
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Why does the speedometer not work when a car is going in reverse gear?

Because it is usually a mechanical cable that is connected to a front axle or the transmission. Newer cars relay this information electronically and will show the actual speed when in reverse.

Can the speedometer of car show the speed in reverse gear?

yes it can

What tells you how fast you are going in a car?

A speedometer tells you how fast you are going in a car.

What does the speedometer on a car tell you?

it tells you how fast the car is going

What does the speedometer tell you?

it tells you how fast a car is going

What is a good sentence for speedometer?

I didn't know my car was going 72 mph because the speedometer broke. The needle on the speedometer bounced whenever I hit a pothole. The speedometer's needle was stuck at 15mph. Before I could glance at the speedometer, the policeman's radar gun clocked me going over the speed limit.

Why does your speedometer only work when your parking brake light is on?

because your car is broken

What is the speedometer in a car give the car's?

Speedometer can determine a car's normal and maximum speed.

When you drive a car and take a quick look on the speedometer what do you see?

How fast you are going and how far you have traveled.

Why does car make thump sound when it is in reverse?

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of car parts going bad. A thump sound when a car is in reverse is usually made when the transmission is going bad and shifting incorrectly.?æ

Why does the car make a bang when put into reverse?

Transmission is going out. Reverse is always the 1st one to go.

Should the speedometer cable be checked first if the speedometer on a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue tries to work sometimes but most of the time it does not?

Speed sensor. There is not a cable on this car.