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Transmission is going out. Reverse is always the 1st one to go.

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Q: Why does the car make a bang when put into reverse?
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When you put it in reverse it make a noses and will not go anywhere but you put it in to neutral it will stop?

well it depends if your wanting to go backwards then you put the car in reverse . or if your wanting to stop then you put the car on neutral.

When the car is in park then put in reverse it makes a force bang in reverse 2002 sl-2 Saturn?

mostlikly one of the engine or transmission mounts have separated from the rubber causeing exxesive engine movement from the torque or reverse whitch is the lowest gear ratio

Can you put two 15 sub woofers in a Lincoln Town Car?

YOu can more than that make that hoe bang hard

what happen when you put a car in reverse gear?

the car goes back

How do you fix a car that will not move when you put it in reverse?

Get it rebuilt

Was in the parking lot put car in reverse to back into a spot and when put it into reverse hit a car that drove up behind you your bumper is scratched his hood is crumpled who's fault is it?

A person driving in reverse is always at fault.

What could be a sentence with the word reverse?

Mr. Jennings put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

Why does your car make a clunking noise by the front brakes when you put your car in reverse after parking on an incline?

A clunking noise, when you put your car into gear, is most likely caused by a bad u-joint. A problem in the transmission can also cause the noise.

What happens when you put your car in reverse while the engine is off?

It goes into reverse gear, nothing else.

Rumbling sound from car put in reverse or drive?

Transmission problems.

Why would a 1989 Honda Civic DX 1.t automatic make a clunk when put in reverse if it is cold but work OK when warmed up?

The fluid is thicker when cold so you get a harsher engagement when you put it in reverse. Also, part of that problem is that the transmission is wearing out but it's highly unlikely that you need a rebuild very soon. Check the transmission mount to make sure it's not broken because if it is, it'll torque upwards and bang when it's put in reverse. You can check that by putting it in reverse with your foot on the brake and tapping the gas pedal.

What is the Procedure to reverse the car?

Step 1- stop the car step 2- put car in reverse gear, if auto transmission you have to press barke padel and move shifter to "R" position while keeping the button on the shifter pressed. step 3- once in reverse make sure all is clear behind the car, look into rear/door mirrors and release the clutch. Thats it