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slowing down

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Q: A car's acceleration is negative This means the car is?
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True or false Negative acceleration always means that a system is slowing down?

false A car can have a negative acceleration and be speeding up. A negative acceleration determines the direction of the acceleration A car with forward acceleration will speed up in the forward direction A car moving forward with a negative acceleration will slow down A car not moving with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction A car moving backward with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction

Can a car have negative velocity and negative acceleration?

It cannot have negative velocity, it can have negative acceleration.

A car has an acceleration of -5 ms squared describe the cars motion?

When acceleration is negative this means that the object is slowing down from a velocity.

Can an object have a negative acceleration and be speeding up?

No. Negative acceleration means that you are decreasing in acceleration, like braking a car. Therefore, you can't be speeding up because speed and acceleration are connected. You can't travel at a faster speed if you are braking.

What is the negative acceleration?

Negative acceleration is the state of a body whose velocity in a specified direction is becoming smaller. If you apply the brakes while driving a car, the car (and you) will undergo negative acceleration in the direction in which the car was moving.

What type of acceleration is it when a car slows down?


Does a car have a negative acceleration when it is leaving?

A car has negative acceleration whenever it's slowing down. It doesn't matter what stage of its trip that occurs in.

Is a car accelerating if it is slowing down?

Yes, it is negative acceleration By definition in any English language dictionary 'acceleration' means 'gaining velocity or speed' That is like saying when a light bulb is off it is negative on

Can acceleration be a negative number?

Yes, the scalar value of acceleration can be a negative number. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. If the speed of an object is reducing (it is slowing down), then the object is subject to a negative acceleration. An example is when you apply the brakes in a car. The brakes change the speed of the car from a higher value to a lower value, thus imposing a negative acceleration. Colloquially, people speak of deceleration, however the correct term is negative acceleration.

Does a car have negative acceleration when leaving a garage?

Acceleration does not involve the direction a car goes in. The question is too vague to answer correctly.

What is another name for acceleration?

In general, slowing down is negative acceleration. Some might call it deceleration. Braking a car or bike is a simple example of negative acceleration.

When is the term negative acceleration used?

The term negative acceleration is used when something is slowing down from its motion. When pushing the brakes the car will negatively acceleration to slow down .