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Q: When a cars wheels turn the wheels push backwards on the road what is it that makes the car go forward?
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Why do dirt bikes need wheels?

So you can go forwards and backwards. Why do cars need wheels

What wheels are there on a Lamborghini?

Lamborghini makes their own wheels for their own cars.

What do Hot Wheels do?

Hot Wheels makes little die-cast cars about 1 in. that can be used to play with and race with.

What does the gas in a fossil fueled cars do?

Makes the car go forward!!

Why do wheels of fast cars appear to rotate in opposite direction?

it just looks it its not really going backwards, that's what they call an optical illusion.

What company makes toy cars?

The original hot wheels cars are very durable toy cars. You son should nto be able to break this toy cars.

What is the crankshoft?

A crankshaft is the part of an automobile that converts the force of the engine's pistons going up and down into the force that makes the wheels spin forward so that you can move. All cars require a crankshaft, and it is possible for them to need repairing.

What kind of wheels do cars have?

cars having moving wheels

What should a student use to describe a car motion?

A: A cars motion could be described as a people carrying unit that overcomes its standing weight, to propel its self forward. A motorcar uses an internal engine to do this by transmitting power from the motor to the wheels, pushing the car forward or backwards.

How do cars accelerate?

When you push in on the throttle, the engine burns the fuel to create energy. This energy is then transfered from the engine to either the rear, front, or all four wheels. This energy spins the tires with enough force to push the car forward.

How many pack of hot wheels cars did the hot wheels makers did?

the hot wheels maker made 50 packs of hot wheels cars

What is that show called that makes hot wheels into real cars?

Well...... I think its something like pimp my ride