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A: A cars motion could be described as a people carrying unit that overcomes its standing weight, to propel its self forward. A motorcar uses an internal engine to do this by transmitting power from the motor to the wheels, pushing the car forward or backwards.

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A volume and direction

B mass and volume

C direction and speed

D speed and

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Q: What should a student use to describe a car motion?
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How would you describe motion relative to the car road and the sun?

Relative to the car road and sun you are in motion.

What is a point of view from which to describe motion?

the point of view that you describe motion from is whatever you choose it to be. generally we describe motion relative to earth. for example you could say that a car is moving 60mph north, and it would be assumed to be moving relative to earth; but if someone is riding their bike 10mph north, then the car is moving 50mph north relative to the bike. you see, you could describe the car moving compared to a star in a distant galaxy if you wanted, but that would be useless information so you should choose something relative to the problem.

When is it right to start paying a student car loan?

Well, there is no such thing as a "Student Car Loan", but there are student loans and there are car loans. Both are serious financial obligations that accrue interest, so you should start paying them as soon as possible.

Formula for uniform motion?

Uniform motion is described by distance divided by time, such as, miles per hour, commonly used to describe the motion of a car, or kilometers per hour for those who prefer the metric system.

How has Newton's law of motion affected us today?

Newton's law of motion affects everything we do that includes motion, including driving a car. The laws describe how forces affect motion and they are used to calculate acceleration of objects and provide an understanding of gravity.

A car has an acceleration of -5 ms squared describe the cars motion?

When acceleration is negative this means that the object is slowing down from a velocity.

What newton law of motion should you think about before kicking the car?

the third one

Why is the reference point important in order to describe motion?

Motion is always relative, depending on the reference point. If a tree is the reference point, then the car zooming past will be moving. But, if you use the car as the reference point, then it seems as though the tree is zooming past.

If a student is riding in a car that is moving forward and he throws a bean bag up in the air what is the reference point in relation to the motion of the bean bag?

The moving car. The car is moving, so if you the beanbag is caught from the car, the beanbag had to have moved as well.

What is the basic motion of the car?

The basic motion of a car is linear motion produced by the crankshaft, which is achieved by vertical motion of the pistons in the cylinders to turn and produce linear motion of the crankshaft.

What are some verbs that describe a car?

No verbs describe a car. A car is a noun, and verbs don't describe nouns. Adjectives describe nouns.Some adjectives that describe a car:fastloudredslowsmallyellow

Who is at fault if a car hit another car while backing up and the other car is parked incorrectly?

The one "moving" in reverse. If one car is in motion and the other is parked, (not in motion) then the car in motion is the only one that can be at fault. We are supposed to look first before we place the car in motion.

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