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Q: What is average insurance settlement for a broken finger?
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How much would a broken finger cost without insurance?

around 500

Does accident insurance cover a broken finger?

Your question does not have sufficient information to give an answer. What type of "Accident Insurance" policy are you talking about?

Instructions on how fix a broken finger?

instructions on how fix a broken finger

How do you fix a fractured middle finger?

The easiest way would be to tape the broken finger to an adjoining finger, like the ring finger. You could also get a padded aluminum finger splint and put that on the broken finger.

I have finger pain. How can I tell if my finger is broken or not?

The surest way to tell if your finger is broken is to have an x-ray done by a doctor. They will be able to tell for sure.

How do you get a broken finger?

bend it

What if your middle finger is crooked?

One reason that your middle finger could be crooked is if it is broken, or has been broken and healed wrong. A crooked finger could also indicate arthritis.

What are the release dates for The Clue of the Broken Finger - 1913?

The Clue of the Broken Finger - 1913 was released on: USA: 23 August 1913

How do you cure a broken finger?

you cannot cure a broken finger but there is a way you can help it get better quicker, put some padding between two fingers and strap the broken finger to the finger next to it. and try to keep it still, but once a day try to move it very slowly to keep it active.

Is Kobe bryants finger still broken?


What can you do for a broken finger?

You can get a finger splint or better yet you can go to your family doctor and ask that.

How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?

Answering "How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?"