What gets checked on a car service?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This depends who's doing the checking, LOL. It varies from shop to shop as well as car to car. Some cars are difficult to check things like rear brakes and spark plugs so this won't get looked at every time your car is in for service. There are some Mercedes Benz vehicles that you can not even check the oil without draining it. However, on some cars these things are easy to see. There are a lot of variables in vehicle service. A standardized checklist is deceiving because a checklist doesn't work for every scenario.

Your best bet is to find a good reliable mechanic to do all your services for you. If it is someone you can trust they will make sure your car is well taken care of.

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Q: What gets checked on a car service?
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What it mean when the service engine light blinks?

It means your car is in need of service; take it in to the shop immediately. At least, have it checked as soon as you can.

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What is Mercedes c service?

Mercedes C service is a check-up type of service for the vehicle. The C means that the service will take approximately 3.5 hours. The actual items that will be checked depends on the age of the car.

When the car is cold it starts but when it gets hot it turns off?

Sounds like you have radiator trouble. Have you checked the fluid level in the radiator?

Why does the oil light come on when the car gets hot?

You need to have the oil pressure checked. It could be a worn engine or thin oil causing that.

When to service your car to keep it reliable?

I found that you should start maintenance at 15,000 miles. The website has a detailed list of what needs to be checked/changed and at what mileage it should be done at.

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Why one wheel gets hot and the other not?

Because their is more friction when you turn and the weight in your car is unbalanced You may have a brake dragging on one wheel, have it checked.

Why is your air conditioner so loud?

Often when a vehicle air conditioner gets loud, the problem is due to a belt. You should take the car in to have the belt checked.

Where can you get your car checked with a OBD1 scanner?

We had to take our Ford Probe to a local Repair Shop. They charged us about $75 for the service. If you have an Auto Zone/ Midas/ or similar service center--most with scan for free

How many types of service?


Your car acted like it was stalling out and your service engine soon light came on. What does it mean?

First step is to have it checked for codes. When you know what code set, you can then diagnose.