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The easiest way would be to tape the broken finger to an adjoining finger, like the ring finger. You could also get a padded aluminum finger splint and put that on the broken finger.

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Q: How do you fix a fractured middle finger?
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What finger is fractured twice as often as the others?

index finger

How fast does a fractured finger heal?

My fractured finger has not healed for over about 3 years so i think I'm stuck with it unless i want to crack it back. If you have a fractured finger treat it right away or you will be stuck with a crooked finger. I agree. I just recently fractured my finger during gym class. I went to urgent care and they put me in a splint. You might want to talk to your doctor about finger therapy to help it work normally again. If the fracture is going into your joint space, it can mess up your finger. So you might have to have surgery.

What does fractured mean like a fractured finger?

a thiner brakage then a break. i fracture is smaller than a break

How can you tell if your finger is fractured?

You can't instantly tell that your finger is fractured, as with me, because right now i am suffering with a fractured middle finger. There are some symptoms assoicated with it though. In my case my finger swelled around about 2-3 times its normal size, its bruised around the area, tender around the area and in some cases it can look deformed (bent to one side) as with me. My mum took me to a minor injuries ward to get it checked out and they do some tests and send you off to x-ray, then they can confirm it. Katie (age 14) (: xxx

Have you fractured your finger?

yes it hurts unless you slightly bed it

What finger is the the Chinese middle finger?

The pinky is the Chinese middle finger A chicken finger is the Chinese middle finger. Improved answer: The pinky is NOT the Chinese middle finger. I know, because I'm Chinese! The middle finger is the same. Also, where in the world did you get chicken finger from?

Instructions on how fix a broken finger?

instructions on how fix a broken finger

Is the middle finger a finger?

Yes the middle finger is a finger! You just called it one!

Why are X-rays taken of the hand in mallet finger?

X rays will be taken to determine if the bone at the top of the finger has been fractured.

What is the Ratio of middle finger to index finger?

holding your middle finger ang your index finger up at the same time means the middle finger in french!!

Which finger is your index finger?

The finger which is on the right side of your middle finger in the right hand or the finger between the thumb and the middle finger.

Which finger is the Chinese middle finger?

I believe that the Chinese swearing finger is the pinkie.