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Its not your engine. Its the fan running to cool the engine down. They all do it and nothing is wrong with your car.

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2008-08-28 22:39:25
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Q: Why does an engine keep running when ignition key is turned off?
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Why does freightliner truck engine keep running with key turned off?

Faulty ignition switch.

What would cause the car to keep running once ignition turned off if headlights were still on?

Headlights run off the battery not the ignition...

Why does the fan keep running on a 1983 caprice classic when engine is off?

If the fan keeps running it's because it is electric and wired through a temperature switch not the ignition. Electric Fan running is independent of engine running. When the temperature is high enough to start the fan, it goes on. when the temp drops the fan goes off. Temp does not drop right away when the car is turned off. It can actually rise several degrees when the engine is turned off. The fan running after engine shut off is actually a good thing that may prevent radiator overflow

What would keep a car running after turning the key off?

A malfunctioning the ignition switch will allow the car to keep running after the key is turned off. You can remove the positive ground cable from the battery to shut the car off.

Why do engine coolant fan keeping running after engine is turn off on 1999 intrigue?

The engine coolant fan can keep running after the engine is turned off in any car because the temperature gauge is in the radiator. As long as the radiator is still hot, the fan will keep running until the temperature gauge says it has cooled enough.

Why does a ventilation fan keep running on a Mercedes 230 when the engine is turned off?

cuz the engine gets to hot and even it's turned off it still needs to cool down so the fan keeps running to cool it and if u take a look at about half an hour after you turn the engine off you'll notice that it's off as it has cooled the engine :)

What causes ignition switch to not turn an engine over?

A bad connection inside the ignition switch will keep it from turning the engine over.

Why does 2001 keep running after key turned off?

Because he does

Why does the engine keep running when the car is turned off?

Two answers:If it is an old car with a carburetor you could be suffering from a condition called pre-ignition or run on (same thing) the engine will rattle clatter and shake. This is caused by carbon build up. Change the spark plugs, check the mixture, and then try to de-carbon the engineOn a new automobile with injection you have a bad ignition switch or relay.

How to turn the ignition on and keep the engine off on a 2008 Nissan Altima?

If you have a manual tranny, keep the clutch out and press the ignition button.

Will a Chrysler pt cruisers computer go into safety mode if it overheats?

It will keep running until the engine is destroyed if that is what you are asking.It will keep running until the engine is destroyed if that is what you are asking.

Will a Chrysler PT Cruisers computer shut the car down if it overheats?

No. It will keep running until the engine is completely destroyed.No. It will keep running until the engine is completely destroyed.

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