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A malfunctioning the ignition switch will allow the car to keep running after the key is turned off. You can remove the positive ground cable from the battery to shut the car off.

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Q: What would keep a car running after turning the key off?
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Why does the fan keep running on a Kia Optima after it is turned off?

What would cause my fan to keep running after turning the car off it is a 2005 kia sorento

Why does my car keep running after turning off the key. dieseling?

Your diesel vehicle might keep running after turning off the key because there is still enough fuel in the system to allow it to idle. In many diesel vehicles, the engine is stopped by choking the fuel.

When was Keep the Car Running created?

Keep the Car Running was created on 2007-03-19.

Can a broken negative wire keep the car from running?

It can keep the car, or some accessory in the car from running, depending where the break is.

Will Water in your spark plugs keep the car from turning over?

Water around the outsides of the spark plug may keep the car from running due to poor spark plug wires, but the engine should still turn over.

Can a car's alternator charge the battery while the car is not running?

No. The alternator has to be turning to produce the charging voltage. It only turns when the engine is running.

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What helps to keep the car traveling in a curved path?

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Does the ecm computer keep your car from running or starting?

It can.

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Keep the key in the ignition, stupid...

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