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It can.

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Q: Does the ecm computer keep your car from running or starting?
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Information center says compressor off no charge could that keep it from starting 1990 Seville?

That won't keep the car from starting, but will keep the A/C compressor from running.

Will a Chrysler PT Cruisers computer shut the car down if it overheats?

No. It will keep running until the engine is completely destroyed.No. It will keep running until the engine is completely destroyed.

When was Keep the Car Running created?

Keep the Car Running was created on 2007-03-19.

Can a broken negative wire keep the car from running?

It can keep the car, or some accessory in the car from running, depending where the break is.

What can make the computer go out in a car?

can a bad altenator make my computer in my car to stop running

Can spark plugs keep your car from starting?

Unless your car is a diesel, they can certainly keep your car from starting if they're missing. They can also become fouled or badly worn, which, again, could keep your car from starting.

Will a po460 code keep the car from running?


Will your prestige car alarm keep your car from starting?

It really depends on how the alarm is wired into the car. If it is wired into the ignition system the yes it will keep the car from starting if triggered.

What do you do to keep the your 1989 Chevy Caprice running after starting?

This car is computer controlled, and assuming it has the Chevy 305 it is also fuel injected. There is probably a problem in the computer controls causing it not to idle. Do not attempt to adjust idle, as it will not fix it, and may cause other issues when the innitial problem is diagnosed and repaired.

Can a faulty catalytic converter keep a car from starting?

No. If your Cat. is plugged up the car will start but then die. Any other problems it won't prevent it from running. It might not run well but...

Would the abs on a car keep it from starting?


Why can car batteries run on low voltage?

Because the alternator will keep your car running as long as its running Type your answer here...