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Faulty ignition switch.

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Q: Why does freightliner truck engine keep running with key turned off?
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How many quarts oil to put in 2007 freightliner diesel truck?

Depends on the engine in the Freightliner truck. Some require as little as 2 gallons, others require 11 gallons.

Can you tell me the cost of a new Freightliner truck?

It all depends on what kind of freightliner truck you are looking for. There are small freightliner trucks and there are large freightliner trucks available for one to purchase.

How much does a freightliner truck weigh?

Which Freightliner? Freightliner manufactures of markets Class 3 through Class 8 vehicles.

What's the best place to get information on buying a freightliner truck?

The best way to get information on how to buy a freightliner truck, would be to look on international's website. They sell a lot of freightliner trucks.

Can you tighten the steering box on a freightliner truck?


What does the code ecu128 mean on a 2007 Freightliner Columbia truck with a C15 engine?

Intake valve sensors.128 385 03

I just started a commercial vehicle transport company and need to purchase a freightliner truck. Are there any dealers near Mesquite, TX?

You can purchase a freightliner truck near Mesquite, TX at Dallas freightliner. They have a huge selection.

You can stand under the forks if the engine of the lift truck is turned off?


What is gross weight of 1999 freightliner?

Depends on what it is. Freightliner markets vehicles in truck classes 3 through 8.

What does a warning light with engine protection mean in a freightliner classic XL truck?

Does it say Engine Prot? means that you might be low on fluids such as coolant and the longer you run with it it, it will start to slow down the engine until u stall out....happen to my cat c7 in my freightliner. and it turns out i blew my cooling system.

Can you add oil to a hot freightliner diesel truck?


Why does my Toyota truck with 22re engine surge while idling?

Is the AC turned on?

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